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Video Recording Sunglasses Capture Action on the Sly

With Pivothead video recording sunglasses, you can capture the footage you want, without looking like a cyborg.

The lightweight, impact resistant sun-glasses will allow you to snap away at sporting events, concerts, or while engaging in extreme activities, without having to use to your hands to hold a camera. A nice discovery, isn't it?

Pivothead doesn’t require an engineering degree to use either: just push the toggle switch forward to start recording or push the toggle back to snap a photo. There are a variety of preprogrammed settings such as Indoor, Action, Social, Black & White and more to make using Pivothead a snap (excuse the pun), but you can also program it manually, if you’ve got more advanced videography skills.

It’s got an internal memory of 8 GB, and you can share your pics and videos using the Pivothead smartphone app, or simply plug the glasses into your computer via the USB port or use the optional Air Pivothead WiFi drive.

How much? $349


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Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

At long last, it has been created! I used to be always annoyed that it was almost imposssible to capture the footage and enjoy the moment.

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