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Touching concern or self-interest?

It's announced that Facebook is working hard to allow kids under thirteen to create accounts that can be monitored by parents. Soon it'll be up to parents to select friends and applications for their dear child.

We will remind you that now it's prohibited for adolescents to log in Facebook. However, the real life shows that a number of kids younger than 13 are users of Facebook. They gain acess by tricking the system: they just change their age in the special graph.

To allow access or not — that's a controversial question.

What do you have in mind?


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tauri tauri # 0 Up Down

We should not break the childhood of our kids. Imagine, they will live with the Internet and computers all their lives because of rapid growing of IT technology. Let's help them spend their summer vocations on playgrounds but not in front of a computer.

CrazyMom CrazyMom # 0 Up Down

In my opinion, totally forbidding kids to use computers may harm their development. They should have an opportunity to be familiar with IT technology world, especially given the fact that they can be ridiculed by their classmates in case they know nothing about the social networks or computer games.
However, kids need our participation in this area. Adults have to explain what problems they may come across on the network and, of course, set the limits of time spending in front of the screen for them.

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