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Seven tech-behavior faults that aren't so bad

I've faced one article devoted to online transgressions. Let me tell you briefly about them.

1. You forget to answer an e-mail

You have forgotten to answer your friend. it's ok as… if something serious happend she would give you a call. Right?

2. You fail to accept someone's friendship/follow them back

Sometimes it happens.

3. You call someone back without listening to his or her voice message first

Hey, at least you didn't respond to the voice message with a text message.

4. You don't respond to a text message in which there's no question

Totally OK, unless that statement is akin to „I need a kidney NOW!“

5. You quietly unfriend someone you don't really talk to anyway

If they get angry and contact you, you can always whip out that „you don't really talk to me, anyway“ thing.

6. You miss a friend's event because he invited you on Facebook

What about phones?

7. You „unsubscribe“ from a listserv

Sometimes, friends and exes add us to their mailing lists against our will. And often, we are annoyed by that influx of e-mails — especially if we're estranged from said friends/exes. Feel completely free to hit „unsubscribe“ in those cases. Your in-box, yourself.


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BlackDragon BlackDragon # -1 Up Down

It's true that some people live more in social networks, finding new 'serious' reasons to blame you for something, instead of enjoying live conversation and real friendship. To me these reasons sound like childish.

Insglas Insglas # 0 Up Down

That's a big mistake if you think that friendship and communication in social networks is any different from those in the so-called 'real life'. It's all the same thing, cuz the borders between the offline and online worlds are fuzzy at least and, most likely, non-existent when it comes to their contents.

Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

But you can't deny that when people communicate in a real life they will find what to blame themselves for. For example, you may say something rude to your friend, or you may forget about his birthday because he is not on your friends' list on Facebook.

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