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A New Toy by Microsoft

Microsoft's Surface

The recent announcement made by Microsoft was about a new product, which is not just another software release.

The company is bringing to life its own tablet with powerful hardware (also developed by the company). As Microsoft team present it — it is to be a full desktop computer in the form of a tablet. Unfortunately the only information they give about price is that the product will be competitive.

The thing that I liked is the cover with integrated keyboard. I want to touch it and try to type a text. A touch-sensitive cover is the thing that makes me want to hold Surface (that is how the tablet is called) for some time in my hands.

Even though having thought it over I came to the decision, that it is not a variant for me, it is still rather intriguing.

Could Surface be the tablet that you would buy?

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BookWorm BookWorm # 0 Up Down

Honestly, I wouldn't purchase or accept something without having seen or examined it before. I couldn't understand clearly from this presentation what new and unique features will be provided within this Surface device, except some design findings.

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