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The best way to be safe at public meetings?

The dog that hasn't missed any riot for years

TED Fellow, an application to inform you on the unsafe places during any public meeting, is due to be released on July 25th. The app seems to work in the same way as those already well-known services providing the information on traffic jams: users will see red spots for places suggested as dangerous and green ones — for safe areas on their mobile interfaces.

„The platform captures everything on a range of social networks, from Flickr, Instagram, FourSquare, Facebook and Twitter and processes it using natural language analysis to understand what the messages are saying,“ the head of TED company Mr Iaconesi said.

Honestly, isn't it the best way to keep yourself in safety saving your lives, just simply trying to avoid visiting any riots and watching them on TV?


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Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

I'd like to make use of this program as I'm a fan of riots and I don't skip participating but I try to avoid the thick of events. Being bitten by the police doesn't sound attractive. Simultaneously, I don't rely on its mechanism because it may malfunction.

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