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Time Out of Joint

We were not just wrong. We were totally, hopelessly wrong. We failed to properly assess the power of time, the unlimited and uncontrollable might that the inexorable element possesses and emanates.

Okay, enough of that trash talk, I couldn't mimic writing skills even if I wanted to. I'm talking about Oracle's most epic fail EVAH. While the world feared so much the coming of the so-called 'Year 2000 problem' without any noteworthy consequences following up, this July saw dozens of large sites crash due to… one single leap second.

The deal is that this Saturday night the world's atomic clock operators held their devices back by one second. Of course, they were not aware (and ieven if they had been, I doubt they would've cared) about critical bugs in Java. something there didn't wirk the way it should and it led to the servers of many Java-based sites failing to handle the leap second in the proper way. They just crashed.

Reddit, Gawker, the Australian Quantas airlines: all of them fell victims of the Leap Bug. However, the bloodthirsty second is not gonna stop: a very serious vulnerability was reported to be found in Linux.

And the funny part is that Google saw it coming and took all necessary safety precautions. So, just tell me, dear Oracle and Linux Community, why u no listen to Google?!


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