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NEXUS 7, a tablet by Google, comes!

Finally! The world is due to meet a tablet PC that was specially designed for Google play — Nexus 7.This one is a powerful new tablet with a vibrant, 7” 1280x800 HD display. The Tegra-3 chipset, with a quad-core CPU and 12-core GPU, makes everything, including games, extremely fast.

What's the best of all — the price will start from $199 only!

Let's knock expensive Apple devices down!


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CrazyMom CrazyMom # 0 Up Down

I find Nexus 7 very light, simple and incredible. But such devices aren't new for our world. You can tell they have already integrated into our daily lives.
As for the Nexus Q, that seems to be a real surprise for all of us, a new step in the development of technologies. Have you heard about it?

BookWorm BookWorm # 0 Up Down

No, I still haven't. Great thank for your link to the video presentation. Now I can throw out my old DVD player into the trash!

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