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Huge Living Photos

This Is Made of Grass!

I adore photography, I like taking photos myself and I can't stay aside when a genius invents something new in the sphere.

I couldn't think that a photo can be alive before. But two people made me feel something new. Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey found a fresh way to positive photos. They do it on grass. The huge green-and-yellow photos first lasting for a week now live for months.

The photos are grown in the full sense of these words and live a full life from birth to death. Photos are made 'positive' in a dark room with a beam of light. The grass is grown on a vertical surface and is greener in places that receive more light (you would say — this is logical, yes it is, but how is it used!).

As many great inventions it was found accidentally, but brought to life by talented people. And, you know, this makes me feel that a lot out there remains unnoticed.

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