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Back to the Past of the Future

I just can't help posting awesome photos. The last time it was a panda picture, now it's gonna be pictures of France in 2000 as people would imagine it back in 1900.

I admit that maybe this pictures portray the world not that true to the real detail we around us every day. At least, I don't see any smartphones or hip Apple tablets. But what I highly doubt is that the life in our world is better than the life in the world on these pictures would be.


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BlackDragon BlackDragon # 0 Up Down

Well, look at these pictures:

I think thay have a spark of foretelling about the devices that do exist now. Of course not in the exact form, but featuring the right idea behind them. For example: audio lessons at schools, including computer programs for self education; vacum cleaners; helicopters (mind the manner it is flying); and battle-cars — don't they resemble least fairly…

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