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The New Digg Is a Mess (RANT)

When I first saw the new Dig design, I got totally enthusiastic. It look so fresher and sleeker than that previous poor cr*p that I was literally clapping my hand in anticipation of how majestically it would be to use the new site. And then I realised that the new design is actually nothing but a loathsome stinkng piece of sh*t.

The first thing that got on my nerves was that I can't sign in but with my Facebook account. It really sucks: I had my own account on Digg for neraly a year, I had around a thousand two hundred followers and more than a thousand of diggs, and all of a sudden that very account gets deleted or at least temporarily (and I hope it's temporary) blocked by the new Digg owners. I lost it because I didn't want to bundle it with Facebook and keep my two social accounts separate. But no, they want to impose it on you, no matter whether you want it or not! They know better!

Second, when I signed in, I couldn't find any goddamn fudging statistics about myself in any place of that goddamn interface! No I have no fudging idea who I've dugg, who dugg me, what stories I submitted myself and who the best submitters are. I can't even fudging follow any user at the moment!

Third, after I finally signed in with my Facebook account, I found the 'delete your Digg account forever'. I tried it. A moment after this I pressed the Sign-In button once again… and guess what? I signed in with my Facebook account. What a fudge?! Why don't you call it just 'Sign-Out'?!

They say, it's all temporary… But what does 'temporary' mean? A week? A month? A year? I don't care: if you launch a goddamn new interface, it should work smoothly from the very beginning. I don't wanna watch you fixing and perfecting it, I wanna come to your site and have everything F***ING WORKING!!!

I can't find any reason why you couldn't have first developed and tested the new interface deep in your premises, without shouting you'd release it in few weeks, why you couldn't have first make work.

Digg, you lost me.


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Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

It seems that you are not the only one they lost after such ''innovations''. The second point you mentioned is nothing but catastrophe. Shame on you, Digg.

Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

The updated interface is brilliant! But things you've mentioned make me choke with anger.

Zocker Zocker # 0 Up Down

You can call an interface brilliant only if it is highly usable. If it looks nice but is a total mess when it comes to working or browsing in it, the it is rather a piece of cr*p.

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