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A friend in need is a friend indeed, aren't they?

We can think up different categories of friends: trusted and intimate chaps, pleasant people to deal with, perfect drinking companions, sweetheart colleagues, chums for chatting, pals-that-you-dislike-at-heart-but-you-should-be-polite-to-them and so on and so forth. Sure, the list can be everlasting. And one group of friends ranks the highest: girlhood friends. As the fates decree, we may get lost but the image of the old chap is called to mind from time to time. Lucky are those people who haven't been separated. It turns out that I'm quite lucky as we haven't been lost :)

And now my dear Olga, my sweetie, is gonna to get married. Her story appears a complex plot for feel-good movies: they are classmates, they are both jolly crowd, they deeply fall in love. Then a whirlwind of romance, a great deal of joy, tears, adventures and alcohol. They part and come together with each other again and again. Again and again. Little by little, they get matured and realize that if something goes wrong in their lives, they act as a single whole. He allows her to fulfil herself and be crazy from time to time and she lets him be himself. Touching, isn't it? Here it is: the grand occasion takes place on the 15 of September, 2012. Be happy and wealthy, good buddies :)

P.S. The bridesmaids are bound to be in blue. Please give some tips how the most beautiful bridesmaid should look like. Here are some hypotheses:

Here I like the one in the middle.

Pictures Credit: Google.


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Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

Oh God, I did appreciate the way how you put the story. Concerning dresses, the light blue in the middle is simply perfect)

BlackDragon BlackDragon # 0 Up Down

The story is really well put. You can't but read it to the end.

Speaking about the dresses: listen to your heart and feelings — the one you like the most will suit you best.

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