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Smart Watches are Next Door

This Is How They Work

Technology is developing without pauses, making phones larger and more featured. They now have voice recognition and other smart things to deal with. Now a new invention is here – the Martian Watches. This gadget is connected to your phone through bluetooth and supports voice control with Android and iOS platforms. Yet there still are some restrictions to functionality, depending on the platform.

The Martian Watches have a small LED display which can show little pieces of information about the incoming call or message and vibrate, when you receive either one. You can answer calls with them too, with no need to take your phone out.

They have three versions of design. I like the variants in the middle.

The First Style

The Second Style

The Third Style

For me these Watches sound like a wireless headset for your smart phone which is far from your brains, does isn't affecting it much. I would love to have one, though in a smaller size (if possible). The only disadvantage is the price – about $180.


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Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

Oh that's its one and only disadvantage. I adore a red one! This watch'd suit the colour of my lipstick)

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