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Poland Rules!

Internet is a really fabulous thing: the longer it exists the cheaper and easier it makes our life. The media market has been so drastically changed by the Web that the consequences are yet to be evaluated, as it is really hard if not impossible to embrace the whole range of processes Internet calls into life. Most of the time, public get access to single, individual events, which still can provide it with a deep insight into what is going on in the media industry.

So, 42 Polish media websites have started a joint effort and launched a single account system for accessing their contents. The price for the new account will ve approximately 5 euros per month or about 6.3 dollars. Similar services have been working in Slovakia and Slovenia (nice they're both here; I keep mixing them up) for more than one year and have proven their usability and profitability alright.

So, why is that launch so important for the overall development of the media industry? It's quite easy: I can bet my own bottom that this model is the future of the Web media. Really, if you has a choice, what would you do: buy each of the 42 newspapers and magazines separately or fork out your flat-rate price and buy them up all at once? Exactly.


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Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

I prefer buying newspapers separately. I don't want 42 of them, but a couple of respective ones is enough.

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