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A Hand-Ring for a Real-Life RPG

The Bluetooth Featured Bracelet

It looks like computer role playing games are being brought into life. A bracelet was created, called Amico, which can help you find a good match, but keeping the intrigue of mystery present.

Bracelet Amico

How is this possible? Well, this device is working through the bluetooth technology, storing your social profile and, through connecting to other bracelets, comparing it with other users' profiles within 50 meters from you. When the perfect match is found the bracelet vibrates. As the device doesn't have even the smallest screen, you do not know anything about the person except for the fact that he or she is somewhere here. Here your quest begins – you are free to go and search for the match.

Have fun! Enjoy the meeting game!


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Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

I like the idea! Relying on the concept, girls named Jerry will always find their Toms)

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