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Creating cartoons with the 3D printers

Creating a cartoon has always been the most fascinating process. As a child, I thought it had been a miracle. I have been terribly curious how the painted or sculpted from clay characters can come to life and move.

Nowadays it is particularly interesting to observe how the old methods like stop-motion can be used with the latest technologies: I mean 3D color printers.

The experiments with them were started in 2008 by LAIKA Studios, when they created an award-winning film „Coraline“. Just think of the fact that over 200 000 expressions for the main character of the cartoon were created! I also like how the cartoon looks like. This is really the whole new level of animation!

And now we all should wait for a new masterpiece called "ParaNorman". This will be a children horror film, which producers built up a library of 8,800 3D-printed faces for the main character alone. They could be used in various sequences, to give him about 1.5 million different expressions!


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Nothing will fight Disney cartoons in my heart!)

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