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Innocence of Ruskies

Well, okay, Muslims protesting against Innocence of Muslims are okay: it is their right to publicly express their begative opinion about the film.

Killing four Americans is not okay: no one, all Muslims inclusive, has the right to kill innocent people who didn't have anything in common with producing this, frankly speaking, this poor piece… of the film art.

Asking YouTube to take down Innocence of Muslims, being the most influential state body on the whole planet is a really rotten idea, since the White House is supposed to incorporate and protect the democratic ideas, such as freedom of speech, instead of oppressing them in an underhand way.

And what is totally not okay is when you are a semi-authocratic regime with nuclear weapons, pretending to be democratic as George Washington, and you promise to block YouTube in your whole country if one video posted there can be regarded as extremist. Bravo, Ruskies!


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Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

I like your way of thinking. The galant government consideres the decision to block YouTube as a measure of high democratic justice. Do everything to defend Muslims' feelings. No matter that it'll concern other people)

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