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No Need For Driving Licenses?!

Will Automatic Cars be Able to Cope With Traffic?

The new technologies may lead us to having no need in driving licenses. Just imagine: you get out of your home, sit into the vehicle and set the destination point. Then the car drives you to the place all by itself. This reminds of a scene from a futuristic film, where everything is automatized. But will this be as secure as predicted? What will happen if the automatic driver crashes and the passenger has no idea of how to operate the car?


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Zecar Zecar # +1 Up Down

Sounds suspiciously. Of course, the technology will be perfected step by step but I'm not going to buy an absolutely automatic car in 2015. Anyway, I think that it must have the mechanism to drive manually just in a case.

Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

It's quite obvious that this invention has two sides: it may incredibly simplify the process of driving, but I agree with the previous statement — What to do if something goes wrong?

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