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Google Head in Brazil Has to Go to Jail

A Brazilian court has issued an arrest warrant for the country's most high-ranking Google manager, Fabio José Silva Coelho. The reason for such harsh measures was that YouTube had refused to take down a video.

Now guess what video it was. The Innocence of Muslims? Nope. It was a video about one of the Campo Grande mayor candidate, Alcides Bernal, that has put him in an unfavourable light. Honestly, I have no idea about what the video was about because the YouTube channel it was posted on has been deleted. That is, actually, not important in that particular case. A much more crucial thing is that a YouTube video has led to real legal measures against a powerful Google manager, which can be regarded as a precedent by other countries, which are less democratic and scrupulous than Brazil. This Latin America locomotive is anyway not an example of a flawless democracy, but who cares?

Okay, I'll give you a more transparent hint what I am driving at. Russia has seriously threatened to block YouTube in the whole country if the Innocence of Muslims is considered as extremist by the Russian court. We're all grown-ups here, aren't we? So, it is clear as daylight that the real intent behind these 'let-us-protect-our-citizens-from-oh-so-evil-American-extremists'-moves is to silent the Russian opposition that is having YouTube and Internet as the only channel to share their views with the general population. Now, after Brazil has decided that Mr. Coelho has to go to gail, the Russians can catch up the trend and promise they will do the same with any Russia-based IT entrepeneur if he doesn't follow the good advice from Kremlin.


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I consider this especially unfair. Hope he'll get out of the scrape. Hold on to your hat, Fabio!

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