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A special week for Facebook

It may happen so that you might be not completely aware of what Facebook did last week and why that week turned out to be a special one. Let me list the most remarkable events:

1. The number of Facebook users has now turned to 1 billion!!!

Thus, one of every seven people in our world are actually using Facebook to communicate.

2. Facebook add

Facebook released their first add „The Things That Connect Us.“ It compares the site to things ranging from bridges to chairs.

3. Mark Zuckerberg confessed that 'he wears one and the same thing every day'

Well, in fact, I don't think that this was such a big secret for us.

4. One may promote personal posts… not for free

Just for a $7 fee users in the US can promote their posts that will be placed higher in the news feed so that friends and subscribers would be more likely to see it.


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tauri tauri # +2 Up Down

A programmer sinks and shouts „F1! F1! F1!“)))
They are all strange…

BookWorm BookWorm # 0 Up Down

Facebook released their first add „The Things That Connect Us.“

I really like it.This advertising is really beautifully filmed. It has its own idea, even its hidden philosophical meaning…

Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

I like the movie, too. But the life without chairs would be much more inconvenient than without Facebook)

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