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The BANG! Lamp

Are you tired of clipping to turn the lights on and off? I've found a solution — just shoot the lights out with the BANG! Lamp, a new invention by Bitplay. Thus, firing turns the light out and tilts the lampshade down to “play dead”, and a second firing brings back the light.

See, how it works.


Comments (4)

Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

A gun-shaped remote control will turn the everlasting war between wives preferring to sleep with light and husbands crazy about sleeping in the darkness into a great joy :)

Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

In this case, it will be necessary to have two guns)

Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

Oh no, one will be enough for the wife)) No point simplifying the life of the husband)) He can make use of an ordinary switch)

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