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Personalize your smartphone case with a picture of yours!

Would you like to personalize your smart phone with a picture of yours or your loving pet? Just choose your favorite pic and in some days you will get a ready case by mail.

Surely, it's all cute, but you can change wallpapers on your phone whenever you like, and, to me, it's almost the same, but for free.


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BlackDragon BlackDragon # 0 Up Down

That's nice, and free shipping is good, but the range of the smartphones, for which the cases can be made, is too small.

Alexa Alexa # 0 Up Down

Yes, I agree. We should hint the developer, that not everyone has a top-class cellphone =)

Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

Seriously, I appreciate this idea as now you can make your phone absolutely unique.

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