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Life is a game?

Would you like to play the game of your life as if it were a computer game?

We can not only imagine this but also see with the help of the short futuristic film 'Sight'. This film has been created to demonstrate what our reality would be with special contact lens on that turn every routine action into an exciting game. Common cooking and washing dishes will be transformed into a game where you are given scores for successful actions.

Going for a date? Put the lens on and be sure, that you will be given advice and suggestions for you not to fail: smile in a fullness of time, support the conversation of your date's interest or change the subject etc.

So, this 'augmented reality' will pave your way for successful date! If not – never mind! You always can restart the game and start all over again:)


Comments (3)

BlackDragon BlackDragon # 0 Up Down

Thinking that this might become true one day threatens a lot. If it remains a game, the life won't change a lot, but if it is to become something more, the future is to be terrifying.

ChoCCy ChoCCy # 0 Up Down

Really scary, but looks very funny))

Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

A number of horror films are devoted to this particular theme, phew!)

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