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Even the police consider Google Maps defective!

I have just two questions:

1) Have you bought iPhone?

2) Are you satisfied with Apple's mapping system?

You know, the Australian police warn tourists against relying on iPhone's maps as their great inaccuracy can provoke considerable troubles for both tourists and locals. So be attentive on the go to Sydney using Google maps because you can suddenly find yourself in the middle of the desert :)


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BlackDragon BlackDragon # 0 Up Down

This 'unexpected finding yourself in a middle of a desert' reminds me of the first days when navigators came into our life. Now Apple passes through the way in their own style with their own 'Susanin' on the go. Concerning the questions: I didn't and won't buy iPhone 5, as i like camping, but I'm not ready for unexpected extreme tour without the equipment for it.

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