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'Drinking Mirror' App

This time Android users may 'enjoy' a 'Drinking Mirror' app. The name of a program clearly explains what the app is intended to do.

How does it work? You add your photo and answer a very simple question about how many glasses of wine you drink per week, then you'll see how this may age your look.

The app is especially created for women in an effort to play on their vanity, said a Scottish government spokeswoman who asked not to be named.


Comments (3)

Alexa Alexa # 0 Up Down

Quite a nice attempt to reduce a number of drinking women…

Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

I agree with you, just to be ready what to expect)

Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

Great idea behind! The app's sure to be very popular among women. I'll certainly download it.

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