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An Unusual Device to Astonish Your Friends

The New TV Style

While surfing the Internet these days I came across an interesting and stylish device. No jokes, the TV is transparent. It was created by Michael Friebe. I like its unusual look most of all. Just imagine how it can beautify any room, especially if that already is a bit futuristic in style. Definitely your friends will come to see you more often.

The transparency arises questions upon functionality, but stay calm: even though the screen is transparent the picture isn't affected and is quite solid. The TV is created with the combined conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology, which allows the color changes from solid black to solid white.

If you get to have one,take care: your friends might stuck on your territory for ever because of it. So, get ready.


Comments (3)

Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

Such an original device will definitely make your livivng room look special. I do like the design, you feel like a character from a futuristic movie or something.

Alexa Alexa # 0 Up Down

Аdvantage: in case the thieves break into the house, they will leave this unusual glass window untouched:)

Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

My room will certainly need an overhaul to suit this TV!

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