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Let the robot go to school instead of you!

The development of science is going to make waves to kids who sometimes eats snow with a hope to catch a cold and stay at home to play their adorable computer games.

Verison suggested that a pupil has a fantastic possibility to be present at school even if he/she is ill… remotely. And it is not a commonplace Skype service. It is much more interesting and not so… virtual. This is your digital-clone. Your substitute in a robot disguise! Just imagine! A pupil can control it remotely sitting in their bed in pajamas and sipping a hot tea with lemon at the same time watching and participating in classes. The problem arising is that a kid should be very conscientious and yearning for getting new attainments, otherwise, he/she needs control.

Who knows, possibly, in some years there will be only robots at schools, including robot-teachers. Why spending time going to school, when you can do it at home while not depriving yourselves of meeting and socializing with your classmates?!


Comments (2)

BlackDragon BlackDragon # 0 Up Down

Quite an interesting idea to be brought into life. The kids who are eager to learn will surely love it. Two great things are happening simultaneously: you are aquiring knowledge and piloting a robot. This is cool, especially for boys. I guess even those not very fond of learning will have some interest in this innovation, and may even feel deaire to learn.

Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

The boy in the video doesn't seem ill at all :) Perhaps, I'm too conservative but I don't like the idea that my kid may be learned in a virtual way.

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