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Google glass is real

Google Glass in no longer a fairy tale.

The first mention and the last official video was intended more for its functionality representation. As for the new one, it is already a piece of cut-aways from the real lives of those who had a great chance to wear these super-gadget! Now there is even information available on the site on how to become an owner of this wonderful glasses. To be fully aware of what Google Glass does, click here!


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Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

I have serious doubts whether the stated features really work but I'm surely enjoying the ad!)

BlackDragon BlackDragon # 0 Up Down

Pretty cool. I'd love to have one to be able to record important events for building my family chronicles. The main reason for this choice is the ability to join in the fun and record it. Of course, you get a bit different video experience, an unusual one, but your child will be able to see how you've looked at the world. I think this is a very nice invention to enrich your life experience.

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