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A Book? A Lamp?

These day I came across a project, that totally captured my mind. I felt the desire to have one device for myself, and if not for the certain limitations I have to undergo, I would definitely order one for myself.

The device is a lamp of an intriguing design: it has a form of a book and illuminates when opened. I'm not quite sure that the soft light it produces is that much enough for reading, but it may help in extreme situation, if the home lights crash.

Lumio has several lighting levels, that are controlled by how wide you open the book. It has magnetic covers to be fixed on metal surfaces. I think this is going to be liked by those, who are fond of unusual home design. Just imagine how you may surprise your guests, when they come and find this book on your desk.

This is how it looks:

The Outlook of the Lamp Lumio

If you had one, how would you use it?


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Alexa Alexa # 0 Up Down

Good for creating cozy atmosphere at the same time having an original design.

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