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Breathe easy! A great problem has been solved!

A producer of widely known sandwich cookies 'Oreo' at last found the solution to the greatest universal problem: how to separate the cookies from creme. No more worries! A machine was invented that will do the hard work for you. Have a look! This video gathered more then 2 million views for some weeks only. A great way of attracting new cookies admires, by the way!

You think the company stopped there? No! They continued this topic of universal perplexity concerning what part of the biscuit to choose: the white (cream) or the black (the biscuit)one. They even created an on-line 'Super Important' test. The name speaks for itself. Pass the test and get the confirmation that your choice is an inevitably right one. I really enjoyed it! And...I want these cookies right now!!! Advertising works!

May be it is high time to start producing cream and biscuits separately?


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