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WhatsApp for $1b!

Is there somebody in the world who hasn't heard about WhatsApp? In case, these people exist, I'd like to clarify that's the most popular cross-platform mobile messaging application for Windows Phone, Nokia, Android and iPhone. Indeed, it's very convenient and lets you spare great money on sending SMS.

WhatsApp Inc is stated to get $100 million per year! According to the official data, this service is available in 100 countries on more than 700 mobile networks. Every day users send at least 18 billion messages for free! Just imagine how WhatsApp is blowing up the industry of SMS =)

You see this software is a real tasty morsel so no wonder that Google as a recognized connoisseur is going to to purchase WhatsApp for $1 billion. That program seems to be an equal for Instagram bought for the same cost by Facebook.


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Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

As far as I know, it can be used for free during one year and then you've got to pay.

Vivien_Leigh Vivien_Leigh # 0 Up Down

Thank you for you mentioning that! I didn't know it. So I'll choose another temporarily free app in a year =)

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