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The stories of success

Around the world by bike, a dog's account, food pictures on your plate...The list of what you can create on Instagram.

This photo-sharing social net broadened our horizons unspeakable. And here are some stories of great success its users.

1. Once upon a time Rob Lutter left his job and decided to travel around the world by bike. Lutter crossed 9000 miles, he spent time in deserts, in the mountains, saw how people live in the most remote areas, photographing the most interesting moments on the iPhone. About Instagram he learned later, but now Rob is sure that the service gives him inspiration.

2. Sir Charlie Barkley (Sir Charles Barkley) llives a full life — a lot of walking, likes to take a nap, bathe in the bathroom… There is only one thing — this user Instagram — French Bulldog, and his life in the social network, of course, is a deal of the owners. They didn't expect such popularity for their doggy.

3. Follow me is one of the most popular projects on Instagram now. A beautiful lady is pulling by the hand her photographer. Every time there are new suit and new scenery around, though it is a real journey.

4. A designer David Shven (David Schwen), whose clients are Apple, Levi's, Nestle, in Instagram publishes a combination of colors in the form of… food, such as the color of wasabi and soy sauce, peas and carrots, bacon and cheese, lemon and lime juice, ketchup and mustard and other products.

5. Ida Skivenes calls herself a food artist of Instagram, and in the social network she puts a picture on a plate of food, photographed on camera of her iPhone, and the blog describes how to repeat it. For example, how to do little people of banana puree and oatmeal.

You can say that it's crazy but I think that it's great.


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Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

I really like theme 3 where we can enjoy the back of the beauty holding one's hand in different landscapes. Also we can appreciate various costumes relevant to the scenery)

BlackDragon BlackDragon # 0 Up Down

Nice and funny ideas shown by inspired and a bit crazy (in the good sence) people. Such blogs lift up your mood, which is cool. Trully enjoyed.

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