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Music Evolution Told in 4 Minutes

The Way The Music Has Evolved

Have you ever noticed that each epoch has its own technology, life peculiarities, music and possibilities. The melodies reflect our lifestyle and, thus, the amount of electronic music we face today can be counted as a marker of the digital era we live in. Even though the video I was impressed by is not directly connected to computer science, I do believe that it deserves to be watched for several reasons: the first being the fact, that music and computers are closely interlaced today, and the second – the voices are amazing. I do believe you will enjoy this Pentatonix video. They sing melodies from the eleventh century up to our days in approximately 4 minutes. But words can hardly describe it, so enjoy!

The full list of songs that were used in this mix can be found here.


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Zecar Zecar # 0 Up Down

I've had great fun listening to the mix! The guys are so pleasant!

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