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Long live Windows XP!

Windows XP seems to have a bit short but bright history: released twelve years ago in 2001, it's going to end up in April, 2014. It was a sure-fire hit! All users must have gone through it. But now the end comes as the OS is stated to be underpowered.

Actually, the operating system won't be completely dead but its support will cost smth between $200-500 per year. Personally, I'm using Windows XP for now but I doubt I'll want it for such dough in the not-too-distant future!

Time to move to another OS


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Anna Anna # 0 Up Down

For sure, Windows XP was a bestseller, but the time changes, and obviously we should use another OS:)

BlackDragon BlackDragon # 0 Up Down

Yup, I've had great time working under Windows XP, but it is the time to move to fresher ones.

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