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Your tech sins

We all have habits: some can be quite irritating for others, some are really unhealthy for us themselves and our gadgets, as well. Here's its curious list of tech sins and their solutions.

They are mostly related to hygiene and, indeed, extremely simple to follow. E.g. why not to clean the device much often or avoid sitting folded at the computer? Or some society-related habbits: Why do people not silence the phone, reuse passwords again and again and text at the table?

We are lazy,guys :)


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BlackDragon BlackDragon # 0 Up Down

A pretty nice list of our sins. There is something to take up for a habit. From my side I did feel how important it is to reboot your devices, it is a solution to many problems with PC and smartphone. Yup, its time to stop being that lazy!

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