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A Pretty Strange Ice

Ice That Doesn't Melt

Wandering around the Internet I came across a funny device...not so digitally technical, but it attracts attention. So, excuse me of mentioning it here, as I can't but share my experience with you.

Do you like marshmellows? I guess, I will be right saying, that many of you do! Now Imagine them made out of metal, namely medical steel, and in your glass of juice, coffee or a more 'hot' drink. Done? Feels strange, isn't it?

Well, a couple of enthusiasts have brought to life an idea of ice that doesn't melt and doesn't change the taste of your drinks. These metal pieces can not only hold cool temperatures, but, logically for the peculiarities of metal characteristics, can absorb and hold heat. Thus, these may help you cool down your coffee or tea and keep it warm for some time.

I guess these tiny metal spheres might be a good deal in trips. Would you like to have one for yourself?


Comments (3)

Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

Oh no, it's too much for me. I think it's somewhat of antisanitary conditions to put metal spheres into my glass!

BlackDragon BlackDragon # 0 Up Down

Totally agree with the antisanitary side of the invention. And these are to be very tiresome to clean…

BubkaGob BubkaGob # 0 Up Down

Good idea for drinking brandy or vodka. I love drink it pure, without water and cold.
But there is a chance that tongue or lips stick to ice cold metal)

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