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So Many, So Smart, So Important?

Old Apple Rivals with New Toys

As you may know the beginning of may was full of rumors about Apple's smart watch development, followed by the official announcement by Samsung about their own development process. At the same time we may read about other, not so well-known, developers, that work in the same field as well.

Having read some material upon the topic I came to one thought, which can be put like this: Will each developer make the tiny device, that will work exclusively with their mobile phones? Even if the answer will be negative (which I greatly doubt), the price won't be small and these won't, definitely, form an equal substitute to the classic wrist watch, which is quite often a symbol of prosperity. Besides, not all of us like digital variants of time-telling devices.

At the same time, I do agree, that smart watch would be a nice device from a certain point of view, but is this toy so important to have? I think we can easily do without it. Will you buy one for yourself, by the way, when they go into production?


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