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A Boat in A Bottle: The Modern Look

The Hobby Recieves a New Look

I'm sure you know the magnificent boats in bottles. I'm speaking of tiny replicas of real ships, being constructed inside bottles of various sizes. In the classic variant the process takes a lot of time to be fulfilled. But, these days, this wonderful hobby receives a new feel and look from the hands of Julia Morley. She built such a ship out of Lego pieces. First Julia designed it with the help of Lego’s Bricksmith software, so that all pieces could pass through the bottles neck, then using the long tools she put all pieces together. Maybe it is not so delicate as the traditional ones, but it is sure up-to-date, so enjoy this time collapsed video, which shows the process from the very beginning till the end.

And in this one she adds the second sail, if you are interested in the way the ship will look with two of them.


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Wahr Darty Wahr Darty # 0 Up Down

Looks interesting! The creator should be quite thorough to construct the ship in the bottle!

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