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A must-not!

You know, every day there're more and more apps born. Some of them are really helpful: to learn some news, stay connected with friends for free, play nice games, and so on and so forth. But we all meet programs which aim is hidden in the mist of history.

Of course, you can defend them: they're just for fun but still I'm bit confused why iFart proves extraordinary success.

So you understand that it was fertile ground for me when I came across the article There really shouldn't be an app for that. Electric Shaver that simulates the bzzzz sound of shaving, Dolo that places your Facebook friends in the Dolores park, etc.

I like the honesty of developers of Pointless Game where the winner is a person who keeps the finger as long as possible))

To the end, I was completely killed by the app Kissing Test: just imagine you kiss your mobile phone and it gets results))))


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