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Google Glass: Failed Theft or a Good Commercial?

If you are a fan of Google Glasses or dream of them all days long, then you probably saw this fresh YouTube video, whose author claims that his device was stolen. Briefly, the story is simple: the happy owner was strolling in the streets NYC, filming some attractions, when then a stranger came to him and asked to try the glasses. Of course, the bastard decides to run away (by the way, a bit slowly for a good thief), but this poor guy have no idea that the extra-smart Google masterpiece continues to record everything around using the Livelens application. We don't know if this story has a happy ending in the form of reunion of the owner and glasses, but still, it all doesn't look verisimilar.

The video is already buried by dislikes and 'Fake fake fake!' comments. Some of them are rather wise, like these two ones: 'Glass doesn't actually work without the paired phone being within range (needs the internet connection)… Also, the battery on Glass is way too small to record this long. Glass would've been dead way before lunch, much less last all the way to the rave' and 'someone steals your $1500 glasses yet you don't even scream for help or try to stop him'.

Anyway, it is a one more good reminder about Google Glass. Good job!


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