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The iPhone-6 First Buyer Fail

The whole world has been waiting impatiently for the iPhone-6 and iPhone-6 Plus release day. Today, on the 19th of September, it finally came in the USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and Great Britain and someone became famous overnight. One guy from Australian Perth was the first in a huge queue in front of the App Store to get a cherished device. He didn't pick the lucky ticket.

At the exit of the store 18-years old Jack Cooksey gave an interview and was so excited taking the phone out of the box that he dropped it immediately because of butter fingers. Poor iPhone hit the concrete ground and poor Jack was so shocked simply trying to answer the questions of local TV journalists.

As a result, the screen of new model has been cracked like the fellow's nerves.

See it yourself.


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