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The Samsung Company Makes a Sitcom

South Korea is famous for its love to TV sitcoms. Samsung didn't miss an opportunity to tell Korean people about joyful opportunity of being its employee.

The giant technology company called the TV series 'Best Future'. It is all about people who become a part of the company to gain success and make dreams come true.

Interesting: the main characters, a guy Chaego (means'best' in Korean) and a young lady Mirae (means 'future'), will appear on TV six times for 60 minutes. The action takes place in real Samsung corporation offices to make the plot closer to reality.

The producers added musical elements and promise to gladden the viewers by covers of popular melodies from the 80-s and 90-s.

The goal is to attract public attention to the company and probably prove that it has its own individuality, bright, brave and full of human emotions.


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