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Sony Pictures is under Cyber Attack

On November, 24 the Sony Pictures Entertainment company servers went through hack attacks. Hackers got access to a large part of internal studio information such as personal data about 47, 000 employees (salary, insurance information, etc.)

Malefactors even stole movie stars (Angelina Jolie, Sylvester Stallone) passport scans, portfolio, contract copies and income info as well as all internal e-mail correspondence among studio workers (e.g. Twitter log-ins and passwords), etc. Now they got thousands of vendor contracts, unreleased scripts for dozens of upcoming films and TV shows, financial forecasts for upcoming films and so on promulgated. The stolen data is counted in terabytes.

Cyberterrorists, who hacked into the company’s IT infrastructure, provided no cause or specific demand. The FBI suggests that the broken English e-mails from the alleged hacker group GOP (Guardians of Peace) indicated they would like to continue Sony attack until the company collapse.

The FBI gave a flash alert to warn other organizations of this critical threat.

Nobody knows why Michael Lynton's name is on public now, but hope everything will be OK in the end. For everyone.


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