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A New Japanese Hotel Managed by Robots


A Henn-na Hotel (read 'Strange Hotel') in Nagasaki, Japan opens its doors in July, 2015. The staff will be presented as 10 androids (robots, designed to look and act like a human), 3 of which are multilingual gynoids (androids that have female appearance). The developer Kokoro company calls them 'actroids' as they highly resemble humans outwardly.

The actroids are divided into several categories like receptionists, porters, janitors, cleaners, etc. They all are equipped with eye contact feature and sensors that can read the body language. Alive people will also be employed to look after the order.

The high-tech systems that provide a comfort to visitors include face recognition for automatic doors opening; body temperature sensors that regulate the room temperature; tablets intended for ordering food and drinks, calling a taxi, etc.

The night at this hotel costs from $60 (which is not very much for Japan).

If the idea finds approval among visitors, the owner hopes to build 1000 similar hotels around the world.


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