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Hello Barbie Release

The most popular doll in the world might have a chance to communicate with your little treasure. The Mattel company — the Barbie developer — began its collaboration with the ToyTalk company that is famous for its talking toys technology development.

The novelty got 'Hello Barbie' name and is about to be released in 2015. The doll is equipped with a specially developed piece of software that lets it hear the kid, answer and ask questions. It will also remember the child's wishes, likes/dislikes, and even send some information regarding wants for B-day, for example (through the cloud storage).

So the doll is going to be a very personal toy that every girl dreams to own. Don't forget to recharge storage batteries and check the Wi-Fi connection. You might be against this idea since the private internal family information is going to be sent to an impersonal company. But most of female part of the humanity have gooseflesh when just imagining the toy.


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