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Samsung Battery Packs Animal Edition

Samsung Battery Packs Animal Edition

We are never sure of when our smartphone or tablet's battery is going to die.

Samsung released battery packs under a special addition — with illustrations of a quartet of species of endangered animals.

The company's 'Charge the Life' campaign makes you think of those animals and not to forget that they are in danger.

Choose between two sizes: 8,400mAh and 11,300mAh. The first battery pack equals to three times the capacity of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 battery, the second one will be equivalent to carrying more than four times the capacity.

A lesser panda and a fennec fox are illustrated on 8,400mAh battery packs while giant panda and golden monkey are on the 11,300mAh battery packs.

It's advised to download an app which will help you guide the charge and always show how much juice is left.


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