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Chef's Knife with Smartphone Capabilities by Samsung

The Samsung company released the world's first smart knife Galaxy BLADE edge.

The Android 5.0 Lollipop OS makes the novelty run with Galaxy S6 technological features.

It also includes a Samsung Kitchen app which is able to connect with the Samsung Chef Collection appliances to preheat the oven, for example. Or could you imagine the technology that can warn you about microbes on the food? The BLADE edge can.

Now is a minute for female happy news screaming. The smart knife is equipped with a camera to take photos of the whole cooking process. All this process will become real by controlling it with razor-sharp diamond edge and a detachable knife handle, made from high-quality olivewood.

KNOX Security won't let you cut yourself. Just scan your fingerprint on the home button and the finger-detection mechanism will be activated and the blade will disappear. A smart blood-detection sensor will prevent violent methods and place an emergency call. It all became possible now.


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