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Meet the First Wirelessly Heated Mug

Meet the First Wirelessly Heated Mug

Nanoheat is a step into the future of innovations. The Design HMI and Green Lama companies have jointly developed a mug that is able to keep a beverage hot during 45 minutes. Its main distinctive feature is a wirelessly charged battery. The mug weights only 400g and one charge is for 7 new drinks.

To avoid device's running out of juice, plug a USB cable into a special cable and that's it (the LED light will give you a hint). The project is still being developed by means of Kickstarter. It is reported that the product will appear in August 2015 and the price is going to be rather reasonable — $39,99.

'I have tried all different types of mugs, cups and warming plates but they were very inefficient, clumsy and a waste of money. So in late 2013 I started working on a wireless heated coffee mug with a rechargeable battery. After coming up with the concept, I shared it with various coffee/tea drinkers and engineers. They all loved it!' one of the developers states.


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