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It's Comic Football Time!

Now is the time for fun. The Norwegians made my day today. They made a video for one of their TH shows, where all football players wear special VR headsets. The gadget gives the participants a bird’s-eye view of the field.

I suppose they didn't feel very comfortable at that very moment. It looks like the game stopped as slow sportsmen forgot about the goal. They were just anxious about how to keep their balance and see themselves on the third hand. From their part, the game reminds a video one.

Even the referee put a strange (for that context) piece of innovation on. He can't even distinguish between a red and a yellow cards issued to one of the players. But there are a couple of moments that worth your attention: some goals kicked by agile players.

All this reminds one old Japanese video to me about the binocular football. I found it and added below. Hope you'll enjoy and relax while watching this nostalgic footage as well.


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