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Buddy Can Become Your Best Friend

The Blue Frog Robotics company is creating a new robot – Buddy. This small mechanic helper is impressively interactive and can look after your house, your kids, advise recipes, remind of important meetings, control the lights and other connected devices.

Buddy has 16 Gb of integrated memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetoth modules, a camera, a microphone, an audio output, speakers, various sensors: ultrasound, infrared, heat, can work for 8-10 hours on one charge.

Buddy can play the role of your personal assistant, watch over your house, be a hands-free helper and a playmate for your kids, or you can use this robot to establish connection with your dear ones that are miles and miles away.

This robot can recognize speech, detect, track and differentiate faces and objects, and can turn text to speech. It is full of sensors, that allow it to move safely around your house. What's more it can be controlled remotely.

This robot can hardly be called a toy – Buddy is no less than a personal assistant and friend to his owners.


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