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Memento SmartFrame for Tech-Lovers

Have you ever noticed that any picture you buy bores you in length of time? Unfortunately, this long-lived buying brings only brief enjoyment. That's why the idea to create something special came to these developers' mind.

Well, the Memento Electronics company decided to solve that problem and develop a digital frame which could hang on your wall and display thousands of high-quality photographs/pictures.

Memento SmartFrame (which is the name of the product) allows to take a picture, open the Memento application and press Send to put it on the Memento Frame. It is works via Wi-Fi with iOS, Android, PC and Mac and is available in 2 sizes:

25”, 30” X 23" frame size

35”, 41” X 31” frame size.

The frame brightness is regulated according to the time of the day or room lighting. You can read more at the official website or order a device in stunning Ultra HD unlike anything you’ve ever seen. at Kickstarter for $500.


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